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Connection Application Changes

We're improving our connection process to make applications easier for our customers. From June 2019 all application forms will be lodged online, replacing PDF and Excel versions. Find out more about how you can prepare.             

Connection charges

Before you can connect, we may need to extend or change our network or make an alteration to your existing connection. It's important that you let us know your intentions as early as possible so we can ensure our infrastructure can accommodate your needs.

You'll be required to fund the cost of connecting your electrical installation to our network and you may be required to partially or fully fund the cost of work to augment our network. This is in accordance with the National Electricity Rules and our Connection Policy – Connection Charges.


Connection types

To apply for a connection, select the type of connection that best suits your needs. If you don't see it here explore our help section.

Residential or small commercial


Solar and embedded generation

Unmetered supply

Asset relocations

Embedded network

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Connection application process

  1. When we receive your connection application, we will identify the connection services you’ll need. Our basic services involve little or no network augmentation. Our standard services involve network augmentation so that our infrastructure can accommodate your needs.
  2. Within 10 business days of receiving your connection application, we will send you a connection offer.
  3. You will have 45 business days to accept the connection offer after which time the contract terms included in the offer then come into effect as a connection contract between the customer and Ausgrid.
  4. You can request an expedited connection in your application if one of Ausgrid's model standing offers meets your needs. If Ausgrid agrees that you have nominated an appropriate model standing offer, the connection contract commences on the date we receive your connection application.
  5. If we do not have a model standing offer appropriate for your connection, we will negotiate a connection offer. Even though we may offer basic or standard connection services appropriate to your connection requirements, you can also choose to negotiate a connection offer.