How we restore power

We work as quickly as possible to safely restore power to hospitals, critical services, businesses and residents. Our top priority during a power outage is always safety. 

Electricity easements

We make sure the streets are safe

Our first priority is to remove any life-threatening hazards, such as fallen powerlines.

We restore power to hospitals and critical services

We restore supply to critical community infrastructure like hospitals, water and sewage pumping stations and emergency services.

We then follow a process to restore power to as many customers as possible in the shortest amount of time.

We repair high voltage powerlines

If your entire suburb is without power but you can’t see any damage to powerlines, it could mean high-voltage lines some distance away have been damaged. Damage to these lines can leave entire suburbs without power. Our priority will be repairing these high voltage lines because it will enable us to restore power to several thousand customers at once.

We repair low voltage powerlines

Damage to low voltage lines running along residential streets will be our next priority. These lines can power several hundred customers.

We check service wires

Damaged service wires that connect individual homes and businesses to low-voltage lines in the street will then be attended to. These service lines usually power one property.