Your Safety

Report an emergency


Call our emergency line on 13 13 88 (24 hours) to report an electrical fault or hazard.

What to do in an electrical emergency

In the event of electric shocks or tingles from taps, wiring or appliances:

  • In the case of injury call an ambulance on 000
  • Report the incident on 13 13 88


First aid

  • People who are in contact with an electrical source are themselves conductors of electricity until the power is turned off. Do not attempt to touch or rescue a person until the power has been cut off and the situation has been made safe by a suitably qualified person
  • Do not touch burns, break blisters or remove burned clothing
  • Always seek medical advice after an electric shock

Report dangerous or damaged poles and wires

Fallen power lines and poles are very dangerous. They can be damaged by fallen trees, lightning strikes, car accidents, vandalism, fires, birds or other animals and flying debris during high winds.
You can make a poles and wires report online if you see any of the following:

  • fallen, broken or arcing powerlines
  • leaning, damaged or fallen poles
  • an underground cable, green dome or kiosk damaged or exposed wires

Loss of supply

  • In the event of a unplanned power outage check the power outage map.
  • If we are aware of a power outage in your area, the estimated restoration time and cause (if known) will be displayed on the map along with an orange shaded area indicating the areas without power.
  • If no outage displays for your property, make a report by clicking 'Report Outages.'

Reporting non-urgent issues

If you would like to make a non-urgent service request for checks to faulty streetlights, graffiti removal, pole inspections or tree trimming please make an online request.