Planned interruptions

We give four days written notice that your power will be interrupted for planned work. You can check for planned interruptions in your neighbourhood by using our power outages map. The map shows planned interruptions up to eight days in advance.

Power interruptions

The power outage map shows details of current and future planned work.


We suggest you take some basic precautions before and during a planned interruption: 

  • unplug or switch off appliances at the wall including garage doors and alarms - if you're at home, leave a light on to tell you when the power is back on
  • notify your security company of the interruption to make sure alarms operate correctly without power
  • switch off water pumps and three phase motors associated with air conditioning plants and lifts
  • avoid opening fridges or freezers. Frozen food will last longer if the freezer door is left closed. Food in fridges can last for about four hours. Check with the NSW Food Authority for the latest advice
  • you do not need to switch off or adjust any solar installation before or during the interruption.

In very hot weather

When high temperatures are forecast, we review all planned work that may have an impact on customers in recognition of the potential inconvenience and safety concerns caused by extreme heat.

Planned interruptions on extreme weather days may go ahead if the affected customers agree.

We consider:

  • if the Rural Fire Service has declared a fire danger rating of extreme or catastrophic, work will be postponed
  • interruptions scheduled to last most of the day where temperatures are forecast to rise above 40 degrees will usually be cancelled
  • whether the job can be rearranged or shortened to minimise disruption to customers
  • if any retirement villages, day care centres or customers who require medical equipment will be affected.

If you have questions about a particular planned interruption please call the number provided on your notification card.

If you do not have power and have not been notified of a planned power interruption, please check our power outage map to see if we are already aware of an outage in your area. If there are no outages displayed on the map for your area you can report it online.