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To help prevent electrical accidents around the home and community, Ausgrid has developed a program to teach primary school students about electricity and how to be safe around it.

Electricity Safety Week is a state-wide program designed to teach students about electricity and how to be safe around it.

The aim of Electricity Safety Week is to teach children to stay safe around electricity both at home and outdoors. It is a hands-on program that shows young people how electricity works, how to use it and how to stay safe around it.

The teaching resources are supported by the NSW Department of Education and align with the NESA Science, Technology and PDHPE syllabuses for K-6. Electricity Safety Week is part of Ausgrid’s Public Electrical Safety Awareness Program.

How to register

Primary schools located in Ausgrid’s network distribution area (Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter regions) can register to receive a free interactive resource pack for Electricity Safety Week 2020. The pack contains a K-6 electricity safety lesson booklet, safety posters and stickers, a simple circuit kit to demonstrate how electricity works and student prizes including high bounce balls. To register your school please email esw@primary-pr.com or call 02 9212 3888.


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