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LED streetlight replacement

Street lighting is a vital community asset that helps our community feel safer and more secure. Ausgrid maintains 250,000 streetlights within our network area on behalf of local councils across Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter.

Do you need to report streetlight glare?

If you’d like to report an issue with glare or the amount of lighting in your street please contact your local council. It's the Council’s responsibility to investigate any complaints about glare issues against the impacts that a modification to the lighting installation has on lighting level and safety of the public. If substantiated, the Council may contact Ausgrid with a request for glare treatment works.

Maintenance and repairs

Work is often conducted on our electricity network with the power on. This is called ‘live work’. Streetlight maintenance is an example of work that is often performed live. 

Following the tragic death of a worker in 2019, Ausgrid paused all live work (subject to limited exceptions – for example, in emergencies) while we closely reviewed safety processes for live work tasks. 

This decision was made in the interests of making the network safer for our employees and the community. However, it has meant that tasks like streetlight maintenance needed to be completed de-energised (i.e. with the power turned off) which takes longer to plan and complete. We acknowledge that as a result there has been some disruption to local communities experiencing streetlighting outages and apologise for the inconvenience.

We have now completed the first stage of our safety review and our crews are beginning to resume some live work tasks including streetlight maintenance and repairs.  We thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to resolve streetlighting outages. 

Please continue to report faulty streetlights in your community and we will organise to have them repaired as soon as possible.

Please also be aware that Ausgrid only maintains streetlights in our network area. If you can’t find a streetlight on our map, you may need to report it to your local council, Roads and Maritime Services for lights on bridges, or your local electricity network business.

LED Rollout

Ausgrid is introducing energy efficient streetlights as a standard for all our streetlights. We have offered the 33 councils within our network the option to accelerate the replacement of 100,000 older residential streetlights with LEDs between November 2018 and June 2020. Find out more

Public Lighting Installation

Ausgrid adheres to a large number of codes, standards and guidelines in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of our public lighting network including, but not limited to, the documents listed below.

Report a streetlight

Let us know about faulty streetlights

Public Lighting Plans and Policies