Tree trimming is essential maintenance that helps ensure safe and reliable power supply to homes and businesses across our network. Our historical data shows that two thirds of power outages are due to fallen trees and tree branches on to the powerlines. 

Ausgrid recognises the value communities place on trees in local streets and we work to balance local visual amenity with a safe and reliable electricity supply. Trees growing too close to powerlines can also interrupt supply and pose a safety risk to the community.

Trimming trees that are too close to powerlines helps us to protect the network and helps avoid loss of supply to our communities during these events.

Major storms including high wind events can also impact healthy vegetation causing branches or entire trees to fall or blow into the network.

Vegetation Management Program Schedule

Ausgrid’s vegetation management includes clearing of hazardous vegetation within clearance zones and the management of hazardous vegetation outside of these zones. This may include dead or dying trees and limbs with the potential to impact the network.  We publish monthly tree trimming schedules for our activities across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

Contestable vegetation management trial

Ausgrid is pleased to announce the commencement of a 12-month trial that will allow Councils to complete identified vegetation management tasks in their Council areas and assess the effectiveness and safety of the new framework over the 12-month period. 

This trial is expected to bring significant efficiencies and potential cost savings to councils and residents. Read more

If you would like to make an enquiry or complaint about tree trimming, please contact us.