Permanently Unmetered Supply (PUMS)


Permanently unmetered supplies (PUMS) are connections without a meter that are provided for public facilities.

A small electrical installation for a public facility in a public place may be connected to the Ausgrid network without an electricity meter if its energy consumption can be reliably predicted. Such an installation is known as a ‘permanently unmetered supply’ (PUMS) and is suitable for traffic lights, small telecommunication installations, monitoring and surveillance equipment for public entities, and lighting for public facilities where standard public lighting criteria is not met.

What can be powered by a PUMS?

Ausgrid requires that a PUMS:

  • has a load no greater than 10 Amps, single phase
  • is supplied from one point of common coupling
  • has an predictable energy consumption that can be assessed without a meter.

It must also comply with Section 5 of the Service and Installation Rules of NSW.

Ideally, a PUMS load should consume energy constantly (be a non-variable load). If the energy the PUMS consumes is variable, then the connection may be required to be metered or, if unmetered, assessed at its maximum variable energy consumption rate. For example, for a PUMS that has an average current draw of 7 Amps but peaks at 10 Amps, we consider its energy consumption to be 10 Amps.

Apply for a new or modified PUMS connection

Step 1: Get our approval

You need to get our approval for your proposed installation before you apply for a PUMS connection. We may charge a fee for this service and we may not approve your proposal. We’ll advise you of our fee before providing some services.

Let us know about your proposed installation, please:

  • confirm that it is on public land and meets our requirements
  • explain why a main switchboard is not practical or safe
  • give full technical specifications for the proposed equipment and operational arrangements that enable the daily load to be calculated (such as 24-hour timer control or photoelectrical cell control) include a single line diagram of the proposed installation.

If you want to mount your proposed installation on Ausgrid infrastructure, you’ll also need our approval to do this and a Facilities Access Agreement with us. For more information, see our network standard NS183 Installation of Private Attachments on Ausgrid Poles.

Please email the above information to

If we approve the proposed PUMS installation, we’ll send you a PUMS approved customer number and an approved load identification (Load ID) number.

Step 2: Apply for a PUMS connection

Once you have a PUMS approved customer number and a load identifier you can apply.

 To apply visit 'Apply for a Connection' and select Permanent Unmetered Suply.

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