Embedded networks


On some premises the electrical wiring is installed so that the owner of the premises can sell electricity to each tenant. Examples include: retirement villages, caravan parks and shopping centres. This type of electrical installation is called an ‘embedded network’. It has only one connection point (the parent or gate) to the Ausgrid network, and a separate (child) connection point to each tenant on the premises.

The owner of the premises owns, operates and maintains the embedded network. They usually buy energy from an electricity retailer and then onsell the energy to each tenant in the premises. 

Before you apply to connect an embedded network:

If you have an enquiry about an embedded network, please email us at or call us on (02) 9277 3528

Applying for a new embedded network connection 

You need to let us know how you intend to build the embedded network by making a preliminary enquiry with us. Please complete a Preliminary Enquiry for each parent or gate connection point. 

If your connection to our network is at high voltage, then you will also need to prepare an installation safety management plan — see Ausgrid’s Customer Installation Plan and NS195 High Voltage Customer Connections (HVCs)

An Ausgrid NEMS (National Energy Market Support) consultant will contact you within 10 business days. They can advise you on setting up an embedded network which meets all legal, technical and safety requirements. 

If you decide to go ahead then follow the steps for applying for a new connection above.