If you want to subdivide your land for residential, commercial or industrial development, and perhaps also install embedded generation, we recommend that you make a preliminary enquiry with us if you're unsure about the electrical requirements for your subdivision.

There are, for example, different connection requirements depending on the land title under which the subdivision was created: Torrens title, strata title or community title. 

If you decide to go ahead and apply to connect to our network then follow the steps for applying for a new connection here, and apply with the Subdivision form

Notification of Arrangements

You’ll need to register the plan of your subdivision with the NSW Land Registry Services. However, your local council may not release the plan of the subdivision until you give them a ‘Notification of Arrangements for the Provision of Electricity Supply’ from us. 

Applying for a NOA

To request a notice, please visit 'Apply for a Connection' and select the Notification of Arrangements form. (You'll also have to pay a fee.)

If the connection to your subdivision involves no or minimal changes to our network, then we can send you a Notification of Arrangements after you’ve paid the application fee to connect and the fee for the Notification of Arrangements.

If the connection to your subdivision involves changes to our network, then we can send you a Notification of Arrangements after:

  • the connection equipment has been installed
  • there are satisfactory arrangements for Ausgrid to be granted the registered easements or leases for any Ausgrid infrastructure installed on your private land
  • the arrangements to supply electricity to the subdivision are complete.