Contestable Services


Using the right Accredited Service Providers

Some connection work (called ‘contestable services’) must only be done by an electrical professional who is an Accredited Service Provider (ASP).

There are three types of contestable services for which ASPs require separate accreditation:

  • level 1 (ASP/1) construction of Ausgrid network infrastructure
  • level 2 (ASP/2) connection of premises to the network
  • level 3 (ASP/3) design of new and modified Ausgrid infrastructure.

Ausgrid must also have authorised an ASP to work on our network.

Most connections require only an ASP/2 to connect your premise to our network. It is only if the network needs to be augmented to support your connection that you may need an ASP/3 to design the network modifications and an ASP/1 to build them.

You have complete freedom of choice in selecting the ASPs you want to build your connection. Energy NSW maintains a list of ASPS on the Energysaver website.


Why can't Ausgrid do this work?

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has published a national Ring-fencing Guideline to promote competition in the electricity services market. The Guideline prevents Ausgrid, and all other Distribution Network Service Providers, from offering contestable electricity services that can be performed by any qualified electrical contractor.

Ausgrid is committed to ensuring we fully comply with the Guideline which means we are no longer allowed to provide some electrical services such as upgrades and repairs within a customer’s property.