Community Batteries

How to register my interest


Ausgrid has launched its first community battery, with a two-year trial program The first community battery will be in Beacon Hill, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  

How to sign up

Customers who live in a trial area for Ausgrid’s community batteries are invited to register their interest to take part in the two-year trial program. We also encourage customers who live near the trial areas to register their interest so that if we expand the current trial areas, we can invite them to participate at a later stage.  

The first area for the trial program is Beacon Hill in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. After a customer has registered their interest, Ausgrid will assess their suitability to join the program.



Step 1 - Customers register interest  - Step 2 Eligibility Check
Step 3 Eligible customers receive formal offer Step 4 Customers are onboarded 
Step 5 Customers can view enegry imports  - Step 6 Custoers are credited for credits 

How the community battery works

Participating customers will be able to virtually store up to 10kWh of excess solar energy each day. This excess energy will be credited against their electricity use for that day.

The credit is calculated at the end of each day. The credits will be paid to the participant each quarter via bank transfer. Importantly there are no costs to participate and customers don’t need to change their electricity retailer.

Step 1- During the day your excess solar is virtually stored up to 10kWh per day 

Still have a question?

Check the FAQs for further information on the trial and community batteries.