Through our major waste contractors, we typically recycle over 1,000 tonnes of waste a year. We also send around 450 tonnes of waste a year to a bioreactor, where it is processed to maximise the production of biogas and used for the generation of electricity.

We have recycling programs for paper, cardboard, aerosol cans, gas cylinders, building and demolition waste, furniture, waste oil and soil (virgin excavated natural material).

Other types of materials that we recycle include:

  • power poles which are turned into floorboards
  • old hard hats, safety eyewear and electricity tiger tails which are converted into products such as park benches
  • cable reels and pallets which are turned into particleboard, wood chips or biomass (a renewable energy source)
  • old electrical equipment and powerlines are scrapped to recycle the metal components
  • tyres are turned into children’s playground and sporting surfaces
  • batteries are made into new batteries, fertilisers, rubbish bins and plant pots etc
  • fluorescent tubes and street lights are made into glass wool insulation, fertilisers and dental fillings
  • electronic waste such as computers and mobile phones are converted into stainless steel or plastic fence posts
  • green waste is converted into garden mulch
  • old cotton uniforms are donated to be converted into rags to raise money for charity
  • expired but still useful first aid supplies are donated to local wildlife organisations
  • used woolen uniforms such as jumpers and beanies are donated to local wildlife organisations and excess items are sent to a fashion recycling program.

We continue to trial new recycling options such as coffee capsules and soft plastics.