Reconnecting to our network after floods

How to reconnect your property to the Ausgrid network if you have been disconnected due to flooding.

Storms and floods can damage the electricity network and interrupt your power supply. They can also create electrical hazards. If you see fallen powerlines always assume they are live and never approach them - stay at least 8 metres or 2 car lengths away - and call us on 13 13 88 and report life threatening situations by calling 000.

Do you need to reconnect your power after the floods?

We understand you need to get the power back on at your property as soon as possible to start clean-up activities.

  • Flood damaged properties will need to be checked by a licensed electrical contractor before you switch power back on.
  • Large electrical equipment located close to the ground, such as air conditioning units and pool pumps, may be damaged by flood waters.
  • Do not switch back on until a professional inspection has taken place.

To get the power back on at your property,  you will need to do the following:

  1. Engage a licensed electrical contractor to test and inspect your property for safety and compliance. Provided the premises meets safety and compliance requirements, and no defects are identified, the electrical contractor is able to restore your supply.

    In some circumstances you may need a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP2) to safely restore your energy supply. You will be advised by your electrical contractor if this is the case. To find an ASP2, visit the EnergySaver website for a list of accredited ASPs.

  2. Once power is back on, obtain a copy of the Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) from your contractor. Your contractor will log this document with Ausgrid once they have completed the inspection and testing.

For assistance with engaging a licensed electrical contractor, please call Master Electricians on 1300 889 198 or National Electrical and Communications (NECA) on 1300 361 099.

If you require assistance, call us on 13 13 88 or email enquiries@ausgrid.com.au.