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Smart energy resolutions


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Start the New Year right, with a resolution to be more energy efficient.


Ausgrid energy efficiency expert Robert Simpson said being more efficient with energy use in our homes could help us all lower our power bills and our carbon emissions.


“Using electricity more efficiently can be one of the easiest New Year resolutions to make and is the best way to lower power bills,” Dr Simpson said.

A typical household of four people can save up to $400 a year off its annual energy bills in a few simple steps.

Steps as simple as turning off appliances and lights when you’re not in the room all add up and can make a difference.


“Go on a hunting adventure around your home to find and turn off appliances when they are not in use. Games consoles, tvs, or computers are the most common culprits. Switch them off at the power button or at the wall when you are finished to reduce standby power.”


“If you are going away on holiday over summer, turn off appliances at the power point, where practical and safe.”


“It’s summer now, so have shorter, cooler showers - hot water is the biggest energy user in the average home. If a family of four each reduced their shower time by just two minutes it could save up to $100 per year.”


“Also, don’t overcool your home. For each extra degree lower you set the thermostat you may be adding 10% to your cooling costs. Keeping the set temperature between 23 and 26 degrees in summer is considered optimal.”



Being mindful of your energy use and making a small amount of effort to better manage it can make big differences to your 2017.

• Step 1 Switch off - Turn off lights and appliances when you're not in the room to cut up to $100 a year.

• Step 2 Hot water - Hot water systems are the biggest energy users in most homes. Wash your clothes in cold water and shorten your showers to save up to $160 a year.

• Step 3 Ditch the dryer - Using a dryer three times a week can cost up to $150 over a year. Sunshine and warm winds are free. Clothes can also dry well on a clothes horse under the veranda or in the home.

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