Meter upgrades


New metering equipment will be needed if you want to connect a new home or business to our network. You may also require a new meter if you have renovated an existing home, chosen to install solar panels or other embedded generation, or if your meter has been identified as part of a meter replacement program.

Requesting a new meter

If you require a new meter for your home or business, either you, your builder or solar power installer will need to contact your electricity retailer who can arrange for their appointed approved installer to install a meter for you.

Meters must be installed by an approved installer in compliance with the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules, Metering installation Rules of New South Wales (currently an annexure to the Service Rules) and the Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales.

All new and replacement meters installed from 1 December 2017 must be smart meters.

Retailers offer customers differing options for tariffs and metering. The website provides the facility to search electricity tariffs based on your location and needs.

Meter faults, damage and non-compliance

If think your meter is faulty, or if you have a billing or meter reading issue, you should report it to your electricity retailer. Your electricity retailer (not Ausgrid) is responsible for replacing meters. In an electrical emergency, call Ausgrid on 13 13 88.

In some instances, your meter may need to be replaced. Here are some examples:

Issue   What happens next? 
The meter has sustained damage during building works or storms leading to a power outage.
If Ausgrid detects a problem with your meter and it is required to be replaced, we will make your property safe, if required, and send a notification to your retailer. Your retailer should arrange for the replacement meter to be installed within 15 business days of notification date unless an exemption is provided.

Your Ausgrid-provided meter stops working. This may be detected by an Ausgrid meter reader. 
 Ausgrid conducts checks on a sample of common meter models each year. We may detect that a model needs to be replaced. 
 Ausgrid finds that a solar or battery system has been connected at your property and the metering is not compliant for bi-directional energy recording. 
 Your new retailer-installed meter stops working. New advanced meters or ‘smart meters’ are installed and maintained by your retailer. You will need to report the issue to your retailer.

Reading of faulty meters

In some cases the meter may be faulty but still readable, for example:

  • it has a broken cover or cracked glass
  • the model is determined as non-compliant.

If the meter fault means that a meter reader is unable to accurately read the meter, an estimated reading will be sent to your retailer. The retailer must identify on your bill that this reading is an estimate.

More information

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