Electricity Safety Week

Promotional materials

Electricity Safety Week takes place between 5 - 9 September 2022.

To help you promote Electricity Safety Week within your community, we have provided a set of social media tiles that support the key themes of Electricity Safety Week.

Choose the right zip file to download and use the suggested content below to create your posts.
Download Ausgrid ESW Social Media Tiles for Councils | Download Ausgrid ESW Social Media Tiles for MPs.

Example social post content for the safety themes

Playing safe outside

  • Always look up for powerlines when playing outdoors.
  • Stay away from electricity substations and assets.

What to do if you see an electrical hazard

  • If you see an electrical hazard, tell an adult.
  • In an electrical emergency – stay 8m away from fallen powerlines.

Shocks and tingles

  • A shock or a tingle from your tap is a sign something is wrong. Don’t ignore it. Call 000 for medical assistance and report it to Ausgrid on 13 13 88.

Most electrical accidents happen indoors

  • Never use more than one adaptor at a power point.
  • Replace damaged or frayed cords and extension leads.
  • 40% of housefires in NSW are caused by electrical faults and appliances. 

 Check before you dig

  • Electricity cables can be just below the surface. If you don’t know, don’t dig. Contact Before You Dig Australia before you start. www.BYDA.com.au

Trees near powerlines

  • Trees and branches can conduct electricity. If a branch falls on powerlines it can cause damage or become hazard to the community.
  • Never attempt to remove it yourself – report it to Ausgrid on our website or call us on 13 13 88. 

Always assume fallen powerlines are live

  • If you see a fallen wire, stay at least 8 metres away and call Ausgrid immediately on 13 13 88. 

Water & electricity don't mix

  • Water and electricity don’t mix. Take extra caution with things like hairdryers in the bathroom or appliances in the kitchen.