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Electrical Installation Inspections

This page includes details of the Ausgrid inspection process and should be read in conjunction with Ausgrid’s Customer Installation Safety Plan.

Keeping our customers and communities safe

Ausgrid is invested in keeping our customers, contractors and communities safe, and we are required to ensure defective electrical installations are rectified before they are switched on or connected to Ausgrid’s electricity network. The defect and inspections process, in conjunction with our Customer Installation Plan, minimises the risk of a major defect that could cause risk to life, property and the network. 


As detailed in Ausgrid’s Customer Installation Safety Plan, Ausgrid operates an audit inspection program aimed at ensuring accredited service providers (ASPs), licenced electricians and licenced electrical contractor companies comply with all relevant legislative obligations and Ausgrid requirements. The frequency of inspections is determined on the basis of the risk associated with the type of work and the history of their work. For ASPs, inspection levels are also determined by their accreditation level.

When do we inspect?

Electrical installation work is inspected where it is considered to be of a type that has a higher level of risk to people and property. This includes installation work in:

  • hazardous areas
  • permanent unmetered installations (e.g., bus shelters)
  • solar installations over 30kW
  • battery storage installations
  • new or altered large installation main switchboards greater than 100A

Ausgrid reviews its audit program for contractors and ASPs regularly.

What type of installations do we inspect?

The following types of installation work must be inspected by Ausgrid prior to energising:

  • new electrical installations supplied at high voltage.

The low voltage portions of these installations will be inspected on an audit basis provided a satisfactory mandatory Installation Safety Management Plan (ISMP) has been prepared by the customer and submitted to Ausgrid in accordance with the requirements of Ausgrid’s Customer Installation Safety Plan.

  • new electrical installations containing hazardous zones and alterations and additions to these installations.
  • new consumers mains and main switchboards where the load at these points exceeds 100 Amps.
It is an offence not to comply with the requirements of all relevant electricity laws, standards and Ausgrid requirements. This includes the Service Installation Rules, Ausgrid’s network standards and safety rules and AS3000:Electrical Installations.