Safety around your home

Neighbourhood safety

Electrical substations, powerlines and underground cables are all around us. We need to be aware of the potential hazards of this equipment so we can stay safe.

Sydney suburb shot from the air

Always check for underground cables before digging, even around your home. Take care of overhead wires when carrying, moving or operating tall metal objects and machinery and never enter electricity substations.

Follow these simple rules to keep you and your children safe around the electricity network.

  • Always look up and check for powerlines when playing or working outdoors - activities like flying kites and drones or moving ladders can bring you into close contact with live powerlines.
  • Set up trampolines and other equipment well away from powerlines.
  • Don’t climb trees near powerlines.
  • Watch for overhead powerlines when moving boats with masts.
  • Obey warning signs – Danger, Keep Out and High Voltage all mean stay away.
  • Call Ausgrid on 13 13 88 if you lose something over the fence of a substation - we’ll get it for you.
  • Steer clear of our green boxes on local streets – they contain live electrical equipment.
  • Storms, strong winds and bushfires can bring down powerlines. Always assume they are live, stay away and report it to us immediately on 13 13 88.