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The steps below explain how you can connect to the network, or modify an existing connection. You are responsible for choosing and paying the appropriate electrical professionals to build or modify your connection to the Ausgrid network.

Using the right accredited service providers

Some connection work (called ‘contestable services’) must only be done by an electrical professional who is an Accredited Service Provider (ASP).

There are three types of contestable services for which ASPs require separate accreditation:

  • level 1 (ASP/1) construction of Ausgrid network infrastructure
  • level 2 (ASP/2) connection of premises to the network
  • level 3 (ASP/3) design of new and modified Ausgrid infrastructure.

Ausgrid must also have authorised an ASP to work on our network.

Most connections require only an ASP/2 to connect your premise to our network. It is only if the network needs to be augmented to support your connection that you may need an ASP/3 to design the network modifications and an ASP/1 to build them.

You have complete freedom of choice in selecting the ASPs you want to build your connection. 

Installing or removing an electricity meter

Your electricity retailer is responsible for installing or removing and electricity meter.

Approval of your connection

When your ASP/2 has built your connection to the network they will confirm that their electrical work is done and tested to the appropriate standards by completing a Certificate of Compliance of Electrical Work (CCEW) within seven days of finishing. They should give a copy of the CCEW to both the owner of the premises and Ausgrid.

Work on the Ausgrid network

If your connection cannot be supported by existing Ausgrid infrastructure then you are responsible for engaging qualified elelctrical professionals to design and build the necessary network augmentations.The usual situation is that we determine this when we evaluate your connection application.  

Getting approval for changes

You cannot start building any augmentations until we have certified your design meets all technical and safety standards. Below is the process to get a design approved.

Building a certified design

Step 1: Engage an ASP/1 and start building the augmentation works

You can engage an ASP/1 to start building the augmentation works as soon as you have a certified design and a copy of the connection contract.

Your ASP/1 may need to work in coordination with others:

  • There are jobs that only Ausgrid can do for safety reasons (such as, work inside a zone substation).
  • We may inspect the work during construction to ensure it meets all technical and safety standards.
  • Your premises cannot be connected to the augmented network until a CCEW has been completed

Step 2: Complete the augmentation works

On completing the augmentation work the ASP/2 submits a Notification of Service Work (NOSW) to Ausgrid within two business days. We will then inspect the work, and if all is okay energise the connection.

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