Connecting embedded generation

Notice to all customers installing generator systems. For applications approved by Ausgrid from 18 May 2020, you will be required to update information about installed generation equipment in the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register.

Once your connection application for embedded generation has been approved by Ausgrid:

  • As a condition of your customer connection contract, and in accordance with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) DER Register Information Guidelines, you will be required to provide details of any small generating unit at your premises.
  • This applies to all sizes of generator systems (including batteries and changes to existing systems), from small to large, that are not a registered participant with the AEMO.
  • The information needs to be provided within 20 business days of commissioning, altering or decommissioning generation equipment. 
  • Your installer or licensed electrician will provide information to the AEMO DER Register on your behalf. They will need to hold an account with AEMO for the DER Register and relevant details will be emailed to the connection applicant once an EG connection application is approved.  

For further information see Ausgrid's Distributed Energy Resources page.            

An embedded generator is any equipment on your premises that can supply electricity. Embedded generators cover:

  • renewable systems (solar panels, wind turbines, hydro-generation)
  • battery storage systems
  • combustion machines (diesel generator)
  • cogeneration and trigeneration.

You need to apply if you want to install embedded generation, even if you are installing a standby generator and don’t intend to export electricity back to the network.

Types of embedded generator

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