Life support

Preparing for a power outage


We work hard to provide you with a safe and reliable electricity supply. However, sometimes unforeseen events such as storms, high winds, bushfires or traffic accidents can also affect the power supply to your home. You should prepare a plan for these circumstances. Download our printable Action Plan Checklist to help you prepare a plan in case the power goes out. 

Planned outages 

If we plan to do upgrades or maintenance work that affects your power supply, we’ll notify you at least four business days prior to the interruption, giving you the date, time and duration of the interruption. Read more about what to expect in a planned outage.

During outages you will receive an SMS notification if we have a mobile number on file. Please check with your Electricity Retailer to ensure your details are up to date. Find out more about how we notify you of outages.

Cancelled or extended planned outages 

Occasionally planned power outages may be cancelled or run over the scheduled time. Check the power outage map for updates.

Making an action plan

Download the Life Support Checklist and Action Plan

Here are some tips to help you with your plan:

  • Alternate power supplies for your equipment - do you regularly check the back-up battery of your life support equipment so it's fully charged and ready for use at all times. 
  • If you need to relocate how will you transport your equipment? 
  • How you will contact people if the power goes out?  - Remember, some phones (cordless) only work with electricity. 
  • Who you will call? Keep the number for your doctor, the nearest hospital and someone who can help you handy. Keep it somewhere you can find it quickly.
  • Consider what additional measures you may need to take in relation to the current COVID isolation restrictions.
Once completed, keep a copy handy for yourself and/or your carer.