Request meter data

Customers with a meter connected to the Ausgrid network can request up to two years of metering data. Use this form to make single or third party multiple requests.

Before you start your application

Before we email your meter data we are required to verify your request. If the details you provide do not match our records or if we are unable to confirm your entitlement to the information we will be unable to fulfil your request.

Before you begin your application you will need to provide certain information:

  • a National Metering Identification number (NMI) which is found on your bill.
  • a start and end date for the data request. You must have been the account holder for the period of time you are requesting. You can request up to two years of metering data for a period that is within the last two years.
  • bulk requests will require a completed bulk request spreadsheet containing NMI, Postcode, Name, StartDate (dd/mm/yyyy), EndDate (dd/mm/yyyy). No record header is required. Excel spreadsheet example
  • requests on behalf of a third party require a completed authorisation form for each NMI, a site address, and account holders name.

The information you provide to us will be handled in accordance with Ausgrid's Privacy Policy.

If you have problems with your submission check the tips in the help section.


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