Request Graffiti Removal  

Ausgrid aims to keep its equipment and properties free of graffiti vandalism. If you see graffiti on a piece of our equipment or property near your home or business, for safety reasons, do not try and remove it yourself - we have trained and experienced teams to remove graffiti vandalism.

Report it to us and we will have it removed - our aim is to remove it within seven days and sooner if it is offensive.

We only remove graffiti on our equipment. To have the graffiti removed as soon as possible, be sure you report graffiti to the owner of the equipment.

If you see a life threatening situation please call 000

To report outages, hazards & electrical emergencies including fallen wires and dangerous poles, please call us immediately on 13 13 88
Please treat electricity cables as live

We haven't received a report for this equipment.

We are working on a report for this equipment.